Best How To Index A Website Very Fast For Beginners 2016

How to index a website very fast in 2016

We will use the help of so called statistic websites for the fast indexing of your sites.

A statistic website are analytic websites that collect and keep track of website data.

A great example of a good analytic website is

You can use the following free websites to index your homepage very fast:

Replace the term “” in the URLs with the website that you want to index.
Do not use http:// or www. Just copy and paste it one by one in a new browser window.

The websites above will collect data for you site and will help your website to get indexed in couple of hours.

To find out if your website has been indexed in the search engines just search for “” in Google/Yahoo/Bing/etc.. (without the “”).

If you need help on how to search in the search engines for your website check out the video below

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