Monetize Your Twitter – Never Been Easier

How to make money with Twitter

Everyone are so hooked up with earning money blogging, list building etc nowadays. They stress around never getting clicks on their ads, no traffic or no sales. They spend money on courses that just tell them to do the same thing over and over again. They all miss the easiest way ever to earn money online..


Yes you read it! Twitter, all marketers have at least one twitter account. Anyone who tries to earn something online or just tries to be famous got one.

So what do you need?

First you will need some followers, anyone can get followers easy. There are some great sites out there that will help you with real followers (stop messing around with the bad fake accounts).

Recommended sites for real followers:

Omph Social – Free and a lot of people ready to follow you. It is a lot of great features on this site!

Twiends – Fantastic site that lets you increase your followers very fast, for free.

AddFast – Not only free followers but you get retweets, youtube views plus more. A really great site and it is for free as well!

Traffup – Same as above, free and a lot of people ready to follow you.

ManiaFollow – Limited followers per day but still a very good source for followers

Tips – Another way to get followers without following back is to be cheeky. Add your name to a follow back list and just don’t follow back. Simple. is a good follow back list.

So now you are ready! You have some followers and you want to make some money.

Well here it is..

Two great sites! Just sign up, setup your account and start earning your first money with twitter!

First Site Sign up here (Click HERE)

Second Site Sign up here (Click HERE)

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