New Social Network – Which Pays Users Who Post – Tsu Invites

Make money doing what you do on Facebook and Twitter!

1. The social sharing network is Tsu ( and you will need an invite to join, you can use 1tsuinvite )

Short info:

The most growing social media website at the moment.

It took 5 weeks to gain a million active users.

The same amount of users took 10 months for Facebook.

You get paid for sharing and creating content.

2. Tsu shared economics


All you need to do is create content. But even without having any of those things you can get a list, you can get interaction and you
can get money starting with nothing. When people see your content and like it, view it or share it you get paid.

It is as simple as that.

3. How to join and how to get tsu invites

Go to and click “JOIN” in the top right corner.

After the click they will send you to a new page that asks you for the username who invited you.

You can use one of mine 1tsuinvite if you want to join.

Fastest way to join is by clicking Tsu.

Or you can go and search for invites, just search for tsu invites over at Google or Bing.

4. How you can be be successful on Tsu

Share great content – things that are useful,funny or newsworthy.
Build a big network of active friends, so that your content gets seen and shared.
Be sociable, comment and like other’s posts, and share them whit your other friends.
Forget about the money. You need to be as social as possible because you have reasons to interact for fun or to build a base for your business.
Join the network before everyone else. This is the key to the whole making money part.

Invite people!

This is the ONLY thing you should do for the money. In the future, thousands of people will be angry for not getting in right away and inviting their friends.

Join me now over at Tsu => Tsu.