Revenue Hits: A Serious Competition to AdSense? A Review on RevenueHits

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On November 9, 2016
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Best Google Adsense alternative to date, RevenueHits is a platform built by publishers for publishers!

The Best Google AdSense Alternative?

A RevenueHits Review!

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Blogging for money has now become a passion for many. In fact, people are giving up their regular jobs and getting into blogging full-time because paid-for blogging is now a very lucrative source of income.


For a while, long form writing aka blogs had taken a back seat since websites like Twitter had proliferated and users didn’t want to spend too much time writing long pieces or reading them. But somewhere in the last few years, this has changed and blogs are enjoying a resurgence of sorts.


The reasons are fairly obvious – No Boss, No fixed work schedules, and the clincher working according to one’s own terms and conditions.


But is it all so rosy? Is it a smooth path? Let’s take a few minutes to understand and analyze blogging as a profession.


An insight into Blogging


At the outset, things are great with blogging. But that is just the front end. Taking a deep look at the backend operations of blogging gives a deeper insight in to the whole process.


Blogging is serious work. It involves implementing the right strategies, having the right content and using the right revenue channels to bring in money. Monetizing your blog requires a serious analysis of the different channels present. Using the right advertisement channels is of utmost importance as lack of one makes even a high traffic website earn peanuts! And that is because, despite the leads, there is no traffic conversion.


Google AdSense has certainly made its mark felt by becoming the most popular choice of a revenue generation channel. Many have benefitted from this. But with the changing Google AdSense policies, things are becoming tough and not quite as smooth.


These changing policies are precisely why bloggers are now looking at other revenue generation models. Amongst the many alternatives present, there is one model that is catching up and giving Google AdSense a run for its money, and that is RevenueHits.


Here’s why:


To begin with – what is RevenueHits?


RevenueHits has a tagline “The Self-Service for Publishers!” And how apt is that!! (Especially for bloggers trying to cut down costs and at the same time improving their earnings!)


Publishers who want to generate more revenues can rely on RevenueHits. In simple words, RevenueHits is a performance ad network, which uses innovative technology such as the contextual & geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology that adjusts according to the traffic that the blog receives.


Owned and operated by Intango Ltd., RevenueHits is a privately-held, Israeli-based start-up company. Started in the year 2008, the core team of RevenueHits comprised of professional from various industries such as technology, publishing, online marketing, finance etc.


What is special about RevenueHits?


Any platform that provides solutions to problems that arise out of the strict conditions and rules of the existing system surely emerges as the winner. This is what exactly has happened with RevenueHits.


It has become a great alternative to Google AdSense as the difficulties that bloggers experience there do not do so in RevenueHits.


Some important easy features of RevenueHits:

  • It is very easy to register.
  • There is no minimum traffic requirement.
  • There is no published language requirement.
  • It is a pure Cost per Action (CPA) platform.


RevenueHits reviews


What should you know about RevenueHits ads?


Firstly, RevenueHits is a geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology and hence ads differ from country to country. The post remains the same but ads are placed according to the region of the viewers. This translates to more earnings.


This is meant for all kinds of websites and blogs, without restrictions on the niche or traffic. And you can place any number of ads on the site. The minimum limit for payout is just $50 and the different payment methods available are PayPal, Wire, and Payoneer.


The chances of getting banned or your account getting suspended is quite less when compared to AdSense.


So, how is the Signup process?


RevenueHits review


Overall, it is a simple process. Just follow the steps and you are ready to go.


Step1: Open an account by signing up for free at RevenueHits.


Step 2: On the registration page, fill in the details such as data regarding your website or mobile app, URL, category and a brief description. Other details such as billing preferences are also required to be filled out here.


Step 3: Once you accept the terms and conditions, you are done with registering at RevenueHits.


Now, simply log on and start off with a beautifully designed dashboard and easy to use design interface.


adsense alternative


How to create an ad?


Once logged in, handling the dashboard and the menu is not difficult. There are different types of ad formats available. Choose the best one.


revenuehits review


  • On the dashboard, go to the Placement tab and click on it.
  • Select the ad format from the following options:
    Shadow Box
    Top Banner
    158*21 Button
  • Select the ad format and give the ad size and description
  • Once done, click Save.
  • Get the ad code by pressing the ‘</>’ button. The ad code opens up in a box.
  • Copy the code and paste it on your website.
  • That’s it! Your ad is created.


What are the best Ad formats?


The shadow box appears to be a good format for high conversion rates and some good earnings. The Popunders also seems to be a great option for maximum earnings in RevenueHits.


What about the payment process?


In general, payments and money are handled very well at RevenueHits. Earnings that a publisher gets vary from a few cents to $50 – $60 eCPM. (Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions)


One of the best performance metrics available is the eCPM, which RevenueHits uses, making publishers see positive results. As this is a performance based network, the revenue shares are paid out of the traffic sales at the website/blog. Clicks and impressions do not get paid for. It is the action that a user takes on the website which drives the earnings. Placing the ads rightly, with the right targeted visitors and content, you can boost your earnings very well.


The payment process is generally trouble free. RevenueHits pays out in 30 net terms, which means you will get your earnings by the end of the next month. Payouts happen through wire transfer or PayPal or through Payoneer.


Final words:


Like any advertising network, RevenueHits has its own share of pros and cons. But I would definitely recommend it as it does seem to be a considerable competition to AdSense. After all, being in the blogging business, earning good revenues from traffic conversion is what every blogger wants to achieve. Adapting and trying out new ad networks is a good approach, especially if the approach gives better results.


The most positive elements that you can find on RevenueHits are the ease of use of the dashboard and a great design interface. Creating and managing an account is, of course, an easy task along with setting up and managing advertisements. The payments too are processed and handled with ease.


However, getting to know more details about RevenueHits through their website is quite a task, and the FAQ section is not very in-depth. But this is compensated by a friendly, attentive customer support staff.


There is large flexibility here in terms of large verticals available, which allows publishers to find their niche. Some of the verticals are Shopping, Blogging, Streaming,Dating, Mobile, Coupons, Travel, Casual Gaming, Software, Entertainment, Insurance etc. This works well for both small and large publishers. Identifying small markets and advertising effectively to these markets is a great feature that you can find in RevenueHits.


Finally, the decision to go in for RevenueHits is all in your hands. It is a good alternative and a serious competition to AdSense.

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RevenueHits review



revenuehits review 2016


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Best Google Adsense alternative to date, RevenueHits is a platform built by publishers for publishers!