Great TED Talks Videos You Must See Today! Part 2

TED Talks Videos Part 2  for persons interested in business and marketing.

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What is better than getting some inspiration directly after Christmas? Here you have 5 more videos from TED Talks that will inspire you today! TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and they started the talks back in the year 1984.

How to get your ideas to spread – Seth Godin

A real classic , watched over 4.4 million times! Seth Godin the creator of the must-read books Purple Cow and Linchpin shares his thoughts on marketing.



The tribes we lead – Seth Godin

Another classic from Seth Godin.



Life lessons from an ad man – Rory Sutherland

Former vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group UK and author of The Wiki Man talks about the difference between real value and perceived value.



The happy secret to better work – Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor is one of the leading experts in positive psychology and the author of The Happiness Advantage. In this video he share ideas from his Happiness Advantage philosophy.


The puzzle of motivation – Dan Pink

Dan Pink explains what most managers/team leaders do wrong. Dan is a writer with multiple awards for his books  that have sold two million copies worldwide.

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